Medical Care


Baylis Animal Hospital offers a wide range of medical services for dogs and cats from dental care, to chemotheray, to ophthalmology. And while we cover your pets medical problems from pediatrics to Senior care, preventative health care is our primary focus.

Our preventative care services include vaccinations based on risk assessments, parasite prevention, geriatric health screening, and obesity management.




Surgical Services

Surgical services include: soft tissue surgery for such things as reconstructive wound repair, skin biopsies, tumor or mass removal, and repair of certain hereditary defects; abdominal surgery for bladder stone removal, and elective surgery for spays and neuters. Declawing, tail-docking and dew-claw removal are also available. Thoracic surgery and orthopedic problems are generally referred to board certified specialists. Anesthesia services include the use of both injectable and inhalation (gas) anesthetics for general anesthesia as well as the use of local anesthetics for certain procedures. Anesthetic protocols for each case are determined on an individual basis depending on physical exam and laboratory results. We also emphasize integrated pain relief/control via a combination of preemptive, intra-operative, and post-op pain relieving medications. Modern anesthetic equipment greatly improves anesthetic safety by allowing constant monitoring of respiratory and cardiovascular function via pulse oximetry.



Dental Care

dental careOur dental services include routine dental cleanings, extractions, and minor oral surgery.